Erection Procedure

The bell is sent to you with the swinging arm fixed. The wheel is packed separately. The following points will guide you in erecting the bell.

  1. At one end of the swinging accessory, there is a slot (Gadi) in the shaft. The swinging wheel has to be inserted into the shaft in such a way that the threaded hole part is at the outer side. The fastener bolt (8) should be tightened through the thread on the wheel until it fits firmly in the slot.
  2. Fix the shaft ends on strong wooden blocks (10) which are spaced exactly in order to accommodate the end bushes.
  3. Attach the bearings at the edges of the shaft (6) (The bearings should be close to the bell to prevent any horizontal movement of the bell). The tongue or striker (5) is to be attached to the centre bolt (3) and fastened with a bolt nut and a check nut.
  4. Pass the end of the rope (11) through the hole in the wheel (4) and knot the rope at the inner side of the wheel. The rope should be twined twice around the wheel groove. This will facilitate giving strokes on either side of the bell. The rope should be tied loosely at two or three places on the wheel. This will prevent slipping of the rope from the groove while operating the bell.
  5. Please ensure that the bearings are lubricated with grease at regular intervals (at least once in three months).
  6. There is no doubt that our bell will give you trouble free ringing
Various type of erection view
Video 1 Video 2
Video 3 Assemble View (Church Bell)

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