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We, ALL INDIA CHURCH SUPPLIERS, are one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers and exporters of church bells and other church requisites such as vessels for holy eucharist, railings etc. We have been at this work for over seventy five years. The enterprise was founded at Vadakankulam, South Tamil Nadu in India in 1925. AICS Bell Foundry is our enterprise in the manufacture and export of church bells.

We assure full satisfaction to our customers. The bells are cast in such a way that they guarantee 100% quality. Our traditional craftsmen cast the bells in pure bronze according to the specifications of British bell makers. The bells are made manually. A clay mould is prepared and coated with wax. Thereafter, the mould is heated and casting is done. This process ensures good sound and longevity. At all stages maximum attention is given and all precautions taken so that the bells manufactured by us are of excellent quality. We make bells of various sizes varying in weight. After completion of the work the bells can be inspected by the customers at our premises before despatch.


The size of the bell denotes the diameter of the mouth of the


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